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Karen Katchur holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University and a Masters of Education degree in Health and Physical Education from East Stroudsburg University. She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. She enjoys running and tennis and playing with her flat coat retriever puppy, Tucker and her cat, Carly.

Thanks a lot Karen for taking out time for this interview. 

What makes the process of writing worthwhile for you?
I don’t do a whole lot of plotting before I write the first draft. So when something in the plot or with the character surprises a reader, it’s because I was surprised, too! And that’s the part of writing that is fun for me and makes it all worthwhile.
What was the most frustrating moment of your writing career?
The most frustrating thing for me is when I have to put a book aside because for whatever reason it’s just not working. It happened once when I was just starting to write, and then again later after I signed with my agent. 
What was the most satisfying moment of your writing career?
The most satisfying moment of my career so far was when I held my debut novel in my hands for the first time.
If you have to make a movie trailer of your writing career, what the trailer will look like?
Train wreck! If you read the Writer’s Digest blog How I Got My Literary Agent, you’ll understand! (yes, I have. It is an inspiring blog)  
How much do you rely on personal emotions and memories to write your novels?
I’m not sure you can write, or write effectively, unless you draw on personal emotions and memories. For example, in THE SECRETS OF LAKE ROAD, I wrote Caroline's character based on what I knew about being a twelve-year-old girl coming of age. Plus, I had two daughters who were around that age at the time so I was witnessing it firsthand. Was Caroline me? No, she wasn't. And she wasn’t one of my daughters. But I based her character on what I remember about being her age and about how scary the world seemed when you're no longer a child, but not quite an adult either. I hope I tapped into those emotions and that readers can relate to them and remember their own experiences growing up.
Would you like to research some vocations as possible jobs for a character?
I love mystery/suspense novels, so anything in law enforcement intrigues me. I’m hoping to enroll in the Writer’s Police Academy if not this year, then next year. And I’ve always been fascinated with forensics. I’m a sucker for TV shows like Cold Case, Criminal Minds, American Greed, etc…
Tell me about some research information which you would never have known if you would not have written your book.
After writing THE SECRETS OF LAKE ROAD, I now know everything there is to know about snappers, including how to trap them. And I was in awe of what I learned about Underwater Rescue and Recovery.

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  1. Kirtida, I really like the kind of questions you put, it helps the readers learn important things about writing style and crafts of different authors.

  2. Thanks Payal. That is the purpose of this blog. I want the readers to know what goes in the mind and life of a writer who churns out a bestseller.